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Be a Data Punk

Be a Data Punk and give your users flowers made of data and they will love you!

Being a data punk means breaking with convention and being creative, unconventional and bold with data. It's about challenging the status quo and seeing data not just as a series of numbers, but as an opportunity to effect real, positive change. In this spirit, what if we were to give our users "flowers"? No, not the physical kind, but metaphorical flowers woven from data.

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From titles to actions: Why true digital leadership needs more than just a fancy title

The truth about titles and tasks in the world of data

In the rapidly advancing digital and AI-driven business landscape, companies often face the dilemma of naming and defining roles, especially when it comes to managing and strategising data and its optimal use and monetisation. The debate around the role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) versus the need for a Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief AI Officer (CAIO) or even Chief Data & AI Officers (CDAIO) is a shining example of this confusion. But does the solution really lie in creating new titles, or should we focus on sharpening up the roles that already exist?

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Processes and data must go hand in hand

If the data and process basics don't fit, the AI won't be able to make it fit either!

In the age of digitalisation, the merging of data and business processes is not just a possibility, but a necessity for companies that want to survive in a data-driven market environment. Visualising a model that represents this integration - as illustrated in the "Data Culture" diagram (see below) - provides a clear idea of how companies can reshape their strategy and culture to master this new reality.

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The power of data culture

Why data driven decision making and data products are critical for businesses to compete.

In today's business world, the importance of data can no longer be overlooked. Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses and is the foundation for competitive advantage, improved customer experiences and breakthrough innovation. A comprehensive understanding of the importance of a data-driven culture and the value of data products is therefore crucial. A data-driven culture can help make fact-based decisions and increase operational efficiency, while thinking in terms of data products allows companies to effectively monetise their data assets and create sustainable value. Below, I highlight the benefits and characteristics of these aspects in 3 parts.

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How to build a data mesh ready platform

Why a data governance-oriented data fabric is essential for scalable qualitative data products

Modern process approaches, agile working, cloud technologies and AI offer new opportunities

In our data-driven world, qualitative data products are key to business success. But scaling such products efficiently requires a robust data infrastructure. This is where the data fabric comes in. A successively (agilely) built, data governance-oriented data fabric ensures that data quality, protection and use are at the centre of all efforts.

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Maximizing ROI in Data Driven with ARDPS

Advanced Rapid Data Performance Simulation (ARDPS)

Quickly ramping up data competency and understanding the connection between data, processes, and business success early on

In the digital world we live in today, data has undoubtedly taken on a central role. With the massive amounts of data constantly being generated, there’s a growing need to efficiently manage, analyze, and interpret them. Through the integration of cross-functional collaboration, dual-track agile methodology, and the application of cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT Interpreter and InfoZoom, ARDPS (Rapid Data Performance Simulation) enables organizations to maximize their data investments and realize successful data projects and products.

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Data & Prozess Interoperability

Data Driven Company - Data Intelligence Needs Data and Process Consistency

Only the triad of data consistency, process consistency, and consistent data analysis makes companies Data Driven and Customer Centric.

For a successful transformation into a data-driven company, it's crucial to uniformly view and understand processes and data and establish data consistency. This means data can flow seamlessly across various departments and systems, are in a consistent form, and continuously support operational processes and people.

Data Strategy, Data Driven Company, Data Intelligence, Customer Centricity, Interoperability


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